Any physician prescribes only proved and effective medicines. Often, the physicians recommend to buy cheap analogues of the brand medicines – Generics. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find Generic drugs in the common pharmacies. The owners of the pharmacy chains do not want to sell cheap analogues because the sale of the brand production brings great profit.

Generics become more and more popular, but what is their profit? Why should you buy Generics? How safe are the cheap analogues? In order to find out about Generics you should read about these notions in details. You may read about it on the popular portal Wikipedia, or ask your physician what Generics are.

After you find out what Generic is, let’s consider their advantages:

Generics are cheaper

The cost of Generics may be by 3-4 times lower in the online pharmacies than the cost of the original brand pills. Such difference is explained that the manufacturers of the Generics do not spend millions on the marketing and studies of the active components.

Generics may be always bought in the Online Pharmacies

Generic Drug Facts Handout (PDF -144KB)

If the supplies of the original drugs may be temporarily terminated or the deficit happens on the pharmaceutical market, Generics may be always bought. Online pharmacies has a wide choice of the quality Generics which may be bought at any time and in any place. You will find not only Generic ED pills but also antibiotics, antidepressants, medicines for the female health, and other drugs.

How safe are Generics?

The advanced Generic drugs are not different by the quality from the original brand pills. Only proved licensed medicines go to the official pharmaceutical market. Generics meet all quality standards and may be used in the treatment of the adult patients as well as in pediatrics.

Beware of the Generic purchase in the unknown pharmacies or directly in people. Inthiscase, you may be sold the fake medicines. Buy Generics and original drugs only in the safe pharmacies with good reputation.

These simple facts you found out about Generics will change the relation of the society to cheap medicines. Not all expensive brand medicine means quality. Sometimes, it is needed to consider plain but effective offers.