WebPharmacyReviewer.com is striving to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and relevant information regarding existing web-pharmacies. We aim to support people who are interested in how to purchase medical supplies via web safely. The information on our website is provided according to the real customers’ reviews as well as accurate technical merits and backgrounds of suppliers that are being reviewed.


Why We Made This Site

It is sad to say that there is a big amount of unfair online pharmacies that pose risks to the consumers’ health and purses, especially when the suppliers are not familiar with the market. However, in the meantime, the high-level online shops exist, and they offer a perfect quality of the provided services and products.

We have got a team of experts who have gained both positive and negative experience while purchasing medical supplies. This is the background of our idea to create a powerful platform providing customers with the relevant information on online pharmacies and helping identify the quality of existing suppliers. It is very important to find out whether an online pharmacy is good or not before the products are bought and a risk is run.


Who We Are

We are as same as our audience is because from time to time we also need to buy some medical products but they happen to be too expensive or sold out in a pharmacy next door. By creating our online platform, we sincerely hope to make purchasing medications safe and always profitable.

  • Wilson Richard – is the main Influencer (Founder) of WebPharmacyReviewer and its CEO. His outstanding experience in pharma industry as well as in crowd marketing helps him to work with a big database in the field of healthcare that is being used on our website. A small team of analyzers who check the reviews has been managed due to his efforts.
  • John Bulat – is a Marketing Manager of WebPharmacyReviewer who deals with the whole marketing strategy of the platform. He is in charge of our marketing presence among the other platforms in the same area. John Bulat plans and implements promotional campaigns both online and offline to assert WebPharmacyReviewer as a strong, impartial, and helpful website.
  • Michael Ulrich – is our Chief Technology Officer and he is deeply into development of our platform’s technological backbone to always provide you with the most accurate and updated information on online pharmacies worldwide. He is driven by the idea to find innovative solutions to common issues which helps us to be one of the best review platforms.


Contact Us

Should you need any assistance or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the most convenient solution!