Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages and involves insufficiency in achieving erections thus decreasing libido and sexual stamina. It is a condition that can affect a man’s ego negatively, but luckily lots of remedies have been produced to make it possible for men to gain back their lost glory. Most of these remedies are supplements designed for men in the form of capsules and pills and even jelly. Kamagra reviews will tell you more about your options so you can make an informed decision.

Kamagra is one such medication designed to help men out. It is a generic form of the famous Viagra prescribed for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Kamagra is available in pill and oral jelly form. The oral jelly is suitable for men who do not find swallowing of pills very pleasant.

How Kamagra works

Erections are achieved when there is enough blood flow to the penis. Kamagra works by relaxing blood vessels within the penis so that the blood flows freely into the penis without flowing back out quickly. This way, men are able to maintain an erection long enough. It is important to remember that Kamagra does not increase sex drive nor does it arouse a man in any way; it only ensures that an erection is achieved when the man is sexually aroused. Just like any other medication, it works differently in different bodies. For some the result can be enjoyed as fast as thirty minutes after taking whereas for others it could take around an hour for the same to be achieved. It is recommended by physicians that men take the medication an hour before sex.

Kamagra Oral Jelly review

kamagra oral jellyKamagra 100mg oral jelly is a penile stimulant from Ajanta. It is designed to improve blood flow to the penile tissues so an effective erection is achieved. It comes in sachets that need to be squeezed out and consumed before sexual activity. The oral jelly is available in different flavors so men can select according to their preferences. You can buy Kamagra jelly online from merchandise sites and online pharmacies.

The ingredients

The jelly contains 100mg of sildenafil which is sold as approved FDA approved Viagra drug. It functions by inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5 which is an enzyme with ability to decrease the duration of an erection and size as well by reducing blood flow to the penis. By blocking the enzyme activity, Kamagra dilates blood vessels leading to quicker and better blood flow very important for achieving and maintaining erections before sexual intercourse and after.

Using the oral jelly

The contents of the sachet should be squeezed out into a spoon and taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. Of course its effects will be seen when there is sexual stimulation. These effects can last around four hours. Kamagra 50mg is the usual dose for most which is half the sachet but the dosage can be increased depending on user tolerance and results. High fat meals and alcohol need to be avoided before intake. It is also important that no more than a sachet is taken within 24 hours.

The good

  • The oral jelly is made using Sildenafil which is an FDA approved drug and a good choice for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • It is available in different flavors to match different preferences.
  • The jelly appeals to many more than pills.

The bad

  • Lacks comprehensive ingredients list
  • No clinical trials and not free trial samples
  • Every day use required to keep the effects


Kamagra oral jelly is not recommended for those with serious heart issues, blood pressure irregularities, Sildenafil allergies and those under blood pressure medications or organic nitrates. It should also be taken under supervision for patients with priapism risks and penis deformities.

The side effects

The active ingredient in the oral jelly which is sildenafil has side effects just like it is the case with most drugs. The most common are headaches, facial flushing, stomach upset, back pains and nasal congestion, but luckily these can be minimized by drinking plenty of water. Adverse effects like photosensitivity, changes or loss of vision and hearing, priapism and lethargy and fainting are also possible but rare. In case of these, taking should be stopped and medical attention is advised.

Kamagra Gold 100 pills review

kamagra gold 100mgJust like the Kamagra oral jelly, Kamagra 100mg gold jelly is a penile stimulant from Ajanta. It is designed to improve blood flow to the penile tissues so an effective erection is achieved.

The ingredients

The tablets contain 100mg of sildenafil which is sold as approved FDA drug. It functions by inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5 which is an enzyme with ability to decrease the duration of an erection and size as well by reducing blood flow to the penis. By blocking the enzyme activity, Kamagra dilates blood vessels leading to quicker and better blood flow very important for achieving and maintaining erections before sexual intercourse. This is a prescription medicine available in chemists and pharmacies.

Does it really work?

Kamagra Gold increases flow of blood to the penis giving longer, stronger and harder erections that every man prides in. This is usually because of increased nitric oxide content within the body, allowing muscles to relax and the veins to expand around the penis area. More blood and oxygen manage to get through hence the erection results.

Using the Kamagra Gold 100mg tablets

The tablets need to be taken orally with water and this must be at least 45 minutes before sexual activity. The maximum effects are of course going to be experienced with sexual stimulation. The product comes in 100mg dosage, but lower dosages are recommended before eventually increasing to desired dosage that works for the patient taking the tablets.

One pill is enough to give the desired results for about four hours and it is important that not more than one is taken within 24 hours. Some recommend taking the pill at night as compared to taking during the day for reasons not very clear. It can be taken also by those with mild erectile dysfunction and men with higher levels of anxiety to alleviate and improve well-being.

The good

  • Kamagra Gold 100mg tablets are prescription drugs hence safety is assured
  • They are cheaper compared with Viagra
  • Offers the same effects as Viagra
  • Has high quality ingredients and is also manufactured under high qualities
  • The product has passed FDA guidelines

The bad

  • Kamagra gold comes with a number of side effects
  • A prescription may be needed before purchasing the tablets
  • Only authorized dealers can distribute this product


  • Over dosing leads to serious effects and it is therefore important that you follow recommended dosages. A tablet daily is the right dosage with the Kamagra Gold.
  • If you have ailments like low blood pressure, high blood pressure or any eye and heart problems, ensure your doctor knows before taking the pills. The doctor should be able to advise you further in relation to your sexual condition and history so that you avoid complications.
  • Avoid lying down too suddenly or waking up too fast as you can experience dizziness after taking the drug.
  • Alcohol intakes should be limited when taking the medication.
  • Older patients should remember that they are prone to being sensitive to Kamagra Gold hence necessary precautions should be taken.

The side effects

Most patients taking the tablets complain of dizziness, stomach upset, headaches, diarrhea, runny nose and flushing. Changes in blood pressure and bleeding disorders have also been experienced in some rare cases. Allergic reactions are possible and when they occur, it is important to stop intakes and consult your doctor for any necessary medical attention. To avoid the effects like prolonged erections and hypotension, the tablets should always be taken as instructed.

Kamagra Fizz Review

kamagra fizzJust like Kamagra Gold and Kamagra oral jelly, Kamagra Fizz is made to help with erectile dysfunction. It has the very same ingredients and what differs is the form in which it is taken. It comes in dissolvable form so that men can enjoy faster results because absorption into the blood is made faster once consumed. It can be termed as the most recent of Kamagra products for men. It is basically a quick dissolving pill that you simply put in a glass of water before drinking. It has a very pleasant lemon flavor, making a very good option for those who do not like the oral jelly or pills. You not only get a stronger and longer erection with the fizz but also a delicious drink. Its dose power is 50mg and 100mg just like other similar products.

How to use Kamagra Fizz

The fizz is packaged in 100mg tablets that require dissolving before consuming. Simply put half a pint of water into a glass and put the tablet in. Allow it to dissolve and then drink the water. You still will be required to take the fizz several minutes before any sexual activity to enjoy a full strong erection. The effects can last for around 4 hours, but it is important that only one fizz is taken per day. It is important to consult your doctor before going ahead with the fizz and just as important to ensure that you follow instructions thoroughly.

The good

  • Kamagra fizz is a fast action ED medicine and the first effervescent medication, you can find in the market. It is absorbed into the blood stream faster generating hard erections few minutes after consumption.
  • The fizz has a pleasant taste and you will enjoy every gulp. You will love the lemon flavor if you do not like swallowing tablets or using the oral jelly.
  • It has the same qualities as the other Kamagra products for erectile dysfunction. The very same ingredients are used in this product as the market pioneer Viagra so you can be sure to enjoy great results or less.

The bad

  • You need to take the fizz every time you need to achieve and maintain and erection
  • It has side effects just like the other sildenafil products


Kamagra fizz must not be taken before work that requires physical and mental alertness such as flying place or driving a car. Alcohol should also be minimized or avoided because it has nitrates that can cause health harms. It is also important that it is not used together with any other medications. If you are under medication for any health issue ensure you consult your doctor before taking the Kamagra fizz.

The side effects

The most common side effects that are associated with consuming the fizz include headache, facial flushing, diarrhea and indigestion. The side effects vary from one patient to another and there could be other additional effects depending on how individual bodies react to the Kamagra fizz. If you experience serious effects or if they seem to worsen stop taking the fizz and seek medical attention immediately.

Kamagra Polo Review

KAMAGRA POLOThe other erectile dysfunction product under Kamagra is the Kamagra Polo Tablets. The generic version of Viagra is just as good as the jelly, fizz and tablets only that it is designed to be chewable. The Sildenafil Citrate in the polo increases the blood flow to the penis vasodilating it, hence a strong long erection is achieved. The diameter of the arteries increases in a short period of time, hence the quick erection results that the Kamagra Polo has to offer.

Men with erectile dysfunction will find the Polo chewable tablets very useful in getting and also sustaining erections so they have better and more satisfying sexual lives. It is a safe to use product that could also prove meaningful to other problems associated with PDE5 inhibitors. The chewable nature of the tablets makes it possible for men to take them even when they are not near water sources. They are also very good options for men who have difficulties swallowing for one reason or another.

Using the Kamagra Polo tablets

The recommended dose for these tablets is 100mg and each tablet offers that. It simply means that only one tablet needs to be chewed in 24 hours. It can be placed under the tongue or directly chewed like candy depending on what the user finds most convenient. The effects of the tablet can last more than four hours, but it is important to remember that the effects will be enjoyed when there is sexual stimulation. The tablet should be taken without food or with meals that are low fat to enjoy the best results.

The good

  • Easy and pleasant chewable tables offering better options to the common tablets that need swallowing with water
  • Can be taken even without water
  • Improve sexual performance and in the process also boosts confidence in men with erectile dysfunction
  • Offers effects that last for several hours so maximum sexual satisfaction can be enjoyed within those hours every day as needed

The bad

  • Side effects are inevitable as is with other products with Sildenafil Citrate
  • Offers a temporary solution to erectile dysfunction, hence it needs to be taken over and over for the effects to be enjoyed

The side effects

Some of the side effects that most patients experience with the Kamagra Polo tablets include headaches, stomach upset, increased blood pressure, priapism, facial flushing, blurred vision and diarrhea. Most of them can go with plenty of water intake but if they persist it is important to get immediate medical care.

Kamagra VS Viagra

If you have been wondering what is better Viagra or Kamagra, you should know that Kamagra is just a generic version of the popular Viagra. Kamagra has been in the market for a shorter span compared to the world leader that is Viagra but it has managed to gain lots of good reputation when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction.

For one, Kamagra is low priced compared to Viagra whose price is probably because of all the research and marketing that went into the product. Kamagra is simply a generic version meaning that the same product has been formulated and processed without the need to spend too much into research and marketing as it is the case with Viagra. The production cost is on the lower end hence the cheaper prices for the same quality.

Unlike Viagra that is only available in pill form, Kamagra has entered into the market with a variety of options for men suffering under erectile dysfunction. You can choose the tablets or oral jelly or even other products like Kamagra fizz, Kamagra Polo and Kamagra meltabs all designed to offer the same results in a form that suits the preferences of each patient.


Kamagra brand offers lots of product options for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. With this range it is very possible for every user to find a product that they feel is most suitable for them. The Kamagra reviews are meant to guide you into the products so you can easily make a decision as to which path is best for you. Shy no more, boost your erections and self-confidence in bed by choosing one of these high quality Kamagra products.