The Internet pharmacies have appeared recently. The first websites appeared 15 years ago where it was possible to order medicines by phone or via special form on the website. These pharmacies sold medicines by the prescription, and the shipment of the medicines was usually restricted by the territorial borders of one or another region.

The development of the electronic commerce has resulted in that it is possible to buy a lot of the various medicines without prescription and order the order shipment to any place of the world. The largest online pharmacies are big companies which conduct the work at the improvement of the websites and conditions of the medicine supplies, the work at the licensing and checkup of all medicines, etc.

Nowadays, thousand of pharmacies work legally and offer quality Оriginal and Generic drugs.

A great profit and success of the pharmaceutical business attract frauds. There are a lot of illegal dishonest pharmacies on the pharmaceutical market which sell medicines at very low prices but these medicines usually do not reach the consumer.

The struggle with dishonest online pharmacies have been started late. Million people have been the victims and lost money. At first, if the online pharmacies were suspected in the cheating, they were closed, but it did not bring any results. In several days, 2-3 websites appeared on the place of one site.

Then, special organizations appeared which worked at the licensing of the online pharmacies. This was the most effective method to struggle with dishonest pharmacies.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) conducted its own checkup of the online pharmacies. In the process of the monitoring more than 10 000 websites passed the checkup. Only 3% of the online pharmacies managed to confirm the legal origin of the medical products and provide the entire papers allowing the trading relations. Due to this, FDA and NABP, and other organizations displayed concerns as to such result.

To defeat frauds the state organizations asked citizens to actively take part in discovering of such websites. Now, the technology is actively launched, and it is possible to find the specialized websites on the Internet which monitor the online pharmacies.

Online Pharmacy Monitoring Service

Find Information About Online Pharmacy

non prescription online pharmacy reviews, online pharmacy monitoring service, information about the online pharmacy, pharmacy reviews, medicines without prescriptionThe safest source of information is professional monitoring services which are not interested in concealing any information about the Internet pharmacies. These websites contain information about safest and trustworthy online pharmacies which work within the territory of the USA, Canada, and Europe.

It is possible to quickly find information about the safe websites and websites where medicines must not be bought, with the help of the online pharmacy monitoring service. As a rule, any drawback of the pharmacy is subject to the criticism, so that a customer will know what to expect from the website.

If you found the online pharmacy which sells medicines at low price, you may go to the online pharmacy monitoring service and search for information about the website you found. Having read important information about online pharmacy you will understand whether it is possible to work with this distributor or not.

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Specialists who know about the electronic commerce and understand how the owners of the online pharmacies earn, how they cheat the customers, and with the help of which it is possible to detect the safe pharmacy, work in our team.

Our company WebPharmacyReviewer monitors the online pharmacies for a long time but we have recently decided to launch such service which will help customers all over the world to avoid cheating from the side of the online pharmacies.

On WebPharmacyReviewer you will find information about the online pharmacy itself, its achievements, work of the logistics, pricing policy, and what discounts the website offers. WebPharmacyReviewer is not just online pharmacy monitoring service but it is a good archive allowing you to find the pharmacy with the lowest prices, and the biggest assortment of the production.

The experience of our specialists will allow you to get valuable information about the Internet pharmacies as well as the purchases via the Internet in general. You will find out what symbols and signs should be paid attention to during the first visit of the website, about what you should talk to the representative of the pharmacy, and how to protect your personal data and money in case of the cancellation of the order or disagreements with the pharmacy representatives.

In addition, pharmacy reviews will appear on our website permanently, due to which you will find out the safest and not safe pharmacies.

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