PureRxPills.com is an Internet pharmacy selling a broad assortment of medications approved by FDA. It does not have non-licensed or low quality drugs, and it causes a trust. At the same time, there are not only popular brands but also cheap Generics of high quality.

According to the opinion of the company representatives, this is not a separate Internet pharmacy but dealer between pharmacy warehouse and customers. Any drugs are offered at wholesale prices on the website, and an order is delivered to any country. The Internet pharmacies usually set prices that do not really differ from prices in the regular pharmacies. If medications are bought directly from the wholesale warehouse, and so the prices will be lower and the quality of medications is the same because medications are supplied from manufacturers.

You can also find production from the group of controlled drugs on PureRxPills.com. These medications are usually for sale by prescription, and many Internet pharmacies do not supply it.

You can find not only effective pain-killers, drugs for the ADHD treatment, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers on PureRxPills but also buy them without prescription. Buying without prescription is absolutely legal on the Internet. The company is not located in the USA, and so you will not have any problems with the shipping to cities in the USA. The representatives of the company take care about their customers, and this is a great advantage.

However, the website has inconvenient design. When you go to PureRxPills for the first time, it is hard to figure out the services. Do not pay attention to big banners that distract you. Try to use navigation on the left. The required medication may be found at 1 click. The design gets a negative opinion: it is inconvenient and distracts from the main purpose.


Safety of Deals

A very important factor during buying medications on the Internet is a safety of deals. This is well done on the website. All required services are used to protect data base of customers and their personal data:

Moreover, PureRxPills uses a standard SSL certificate which encrypts all personal data and keeps anonymity of each deal.


Payment and Shipping

Information about shipping is available on the website. First of all, the main page has a big graphic icon FAST WORDWIDE DELIVERY, and secondly there is a separate page about shipping methods. It would be great if terms of shipping are added. It does not give such information, and therefore it is necessary to spend several minutes in order to find out this information at the representatives of PureRxPills

There are three methods of the shipping:

  • EMS
  • Registered Airmail
  • US Postal Service

And the order may be paid by a bank card of the international system VISA or MasterCard. Therefore, if you need medications right away, and you do not have a bank card, you may have issues. It would be great to add several available payment methods; there are a lot of electronic currencies used all over the world.

Be ready to have a bank card during purchase

But if you paid for your order, you will receive your order, or get a refund. MoneyBack system works well on the website. If you have correctly indicated the address but you did not receive the package, or it was not complete, or was damages, you will receive you money back. The company does not accept the goods but you will be offered to send another package free of charge in case of the damaged pills.

Reviews about PureRxPills.com

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There are reviews of people all over the world: USA, UK, Australia, and other countries.

Section with reviews is located on the main page of the website. According to the reviews, the shipping is fast, prices are affordable, and medicines are supplied in original package.

We do not know if there is moderation of reviews on the website but most reviews are positive and tell that the pharmacy really works and is honest and provides quality services.

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Problems with service or shipping have not found. The website provides quality services and protects personal data of the customers well. We like it, and therefore we can recommend PureRxPills to your visitors.