Well-Meds.com is the international distributor of medications which has a convenient site and a wide assortment. The site design has a classical style, and it is most likely a drawback, than an advantage.

We have seen hundreds websites similar to Well-Meds, and they all look like the same, offer the same goods and the same prices. However, Well-Meds.com company is distinguished because it works within the past 14 years, supplying its production all over the world.

Well-Meds.com Drugs Price

According to the information on the site, it has been registered in 2004. Nowadays, only safe suppliers of medications with a good service can boast this experience. Online pharmacies usually work within 2-4 years, and then they lose the active audience.

Well-Meds.com contains information about every product which is for sale. The site has more than 200 medications according to our estimation. Most of them are Generics which are allowed by FDA but there are also original brand drugs. They are more expensive but they are supplied by the well-known popular pharmaceutical companies.

The prices are low on the site, but they are not the lowest. There are pharmacies which offer cheaper medications. But they do not have so many bonuses as Well-Meds does. And we will talk about them later on.

Customers of Well-Meds may use bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard, and also e-check to pay for their orders. Unfortunately, the site does not support the modern methods of the payments by means of the digital currencies. It is a minus because most online shops often use Bitcoin payment.

We have not found any innovations in the logistics. The company prefers using the classical reliable methods of the delivery: airmail and EMS. The terms of the delivery by means of airmail (it is US Postal Service in the USA) are 2-3 weeks, and the terms of the EMS delivery is just 1 week.

If we consider Well-Meds fairly, we have not seen any preconditions to distinguish it out of hundred other online pharmacies: the same delivery methods, the same payment methods, the same assortment, just like other online suppliers. It is a classical distributor that does not differ and cannot be #1 in the sector. It is not bad, it is just like the others.

Bonuses and Discounts

We would like to praise Well-Meds for its proper work with customers. The site is bright with various banners about available bonuses and discounts that attract the customers to buy.

For example, ordering at more than $200, a customer does not pay for the delivery. If the cost of the delivery is taken from the total sum for the package with the pills, savings will be significant.

Moreover, every package will contain free Viagra pills. The site provides special offers about which you can find out at the customer support.


Well-Meds.com Reviews

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We have been surprised to notice that the site has a lot of reviews of customers from the European countries. Moreover, most reviews are positive, and the customers are completely satisfied with the company services.

well-meds testimonials

At first, we did not want to trust these comments but they are all detailed, logical, and have proves. Therefore, according to the reviews, we can trust the company but be attentive.

Many sites work on their reputation at first, and then their services become worse. Due to this, before buying medications, it is necessary to look for new reviews from the previous customers on the internet. We still do not fully trust these reviews because everything can be changed in a day.


Well-Meds.com does not surprise us. Yes, we see a good choice of medications, bonuses, discounts, and positive reviews. But do not think that this can win a trust of the customers. We would buy in this shop but only because it works since 2004. Online pharmacies should not copy each other. Today the site should be beautiful, informative, and useful, and this site should attract your attention.